Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's BACK!!!!!!!

Who is he, you ask? Well, it's Michael Vick. He's now the permanent starter after Andy Reid appointed him to that position for the rest of the year. His performances in his first 2 games were electrifying, but we were left to wonder: When Kevin Kolb returns from his concussion, would Vick go back to his 5 or 6 plays a game package? We thought yes, but in a move which has become commonplace at the NovaCare complex, Andy Reid changes his mind just as soon as he said Kevin Kolb would start when he came back. Why? It really wasn't necessary to do this, maybe only for fan service, but Kevin Kolb was the starter when Donovan McNabb left. Even though he's played well, why?

His reclamation project didn't start off well last year. But this year, when his name was called upon, he's performed very well, with a 105.5 passer rating, and hasn't thrown a pick yet. The best part is, he's now standing firm in the pocket more than he has ever done before, which has impressed many an onlooker, and Eagles fan. He's even now one of the more popular Eagles in the locker room. But, his role for this year was clearly defined from the start of training camp, to be the wildcat operator. Kevin Kolb patiently waited for Donovan McNabb to be shipped out so that he could get his chance. He did tempt Eagles fans with his 2 game performance last year against New Orleans & Kansas City. He was the starter, at least until the "new" Michael Vick showed up. The decision to start had nothing to do with injuries to Kevin Kolb, Andy Reid contends, and I believe him. But, that still leaves why Vick is now starting. WHY?

This has to be one of the biggest knee-jerk reactions I have ever seen in sports. I guess Reid doesn't trust Kevin Kolb to stand firm behind a weakened offensive line. He's just be given the shaft after you got a $12 million signing bonus to be the starter, and Michael Vick was be the wild-card. Kevin Kolb was put deeply under the microscope, and now has been ripped out from under it. Reid also says that this benching helps Kolb's maturation process, but I don't believe that for a second. We've been spoon-fed things about how good Kolb can be, and we were shown his potential last year, and now, it's just been stopped because Vick may win 2 or 3 more games in the sort term. What is Donovan McNabb thinking in Washington now?

Kevin Kolb is a mature man. He is taking the correct stance on this issue, in being quiet and supporting Vick. But, he honestly, has to be thinking about being traded. Many teams with QB issues have to be interested, and the Eagles seem to be willing to give him up. I don't see why. The trade deadline is October 19th, and the Eagles have 4 games between then and when I'm writing this. He is a good QB, with plenty of potential, and why waste it, for a couple of wins in honestly a year in transition for Philly, and fan service.

I have already mentioned about the Eagles weak O-Line. They have an inexperienced center who reportedly missed many calls on Sunday. Mike Vick was sacked 6 times, and it could have been more, and that trend will continue no matter who is under center. This is truly the only reason that I could come up with for why Vick is starting. But, here remains the question that lingers over my thoughts every time I think of this: If Vick plays badly at anytime, and the Eagles get on a losing streak, are we back at square 1 again? And if we do get there, will Kevin Kolb be ready, and bigger yet, willing to start again?

This is a bad situation made worse because of good play by Mike Vick, not bad play by Kevin Kolb. The other QB switches made during the week I'm writing this, Jimmy Clausen for Carolina, Bruce Gradkowski for Oakland, Ryan Fitzpatrick for Buffalo, all were switched in because of bad play by the guy in front of them. Vince Young was also yanked for bad play. Kolb is getting the hook, because Vick is playing better than anyone could have ever predicted. Give Kolb a chance to actually play a full game before you jump the gun.

In all honesty, the Eagles aren't destined for the playoffs anyway, and to switch QB's without letting the heir apparent of which you traded the franchise QB away for, all for a couple of wins, is stupid, and will blow up in the Eagles faces. Michael Vick has done his job, and probably will be starting in some other colors next year. This is his audition. Kevin Kolb will have to do what he has done for the past 3 years, sit and wait. Even if he shouldn't be holding a clipboard in the first place.

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