Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Week 13 Fantasy Advice

Did you have a good Week 12? We are getting very close to the fantasy playoff season, and when that comes around, you need all the momentum you can get. Having a high seed helps too. For some, this is the most important week on the fantasy calendar, so be ready.

Who to Start:

QB Matthew Stafford (DET) vs. NO: He's been up and down all season, but this week he has a favorable matchup against a Saints secondary that doesn't have much going for it right now. They don't force many turnovers, and they allow a ton of yards. Stafford should have a big game in a shootout.

RB LeGarrette Blount (TB) vs. CAR: The Panthers have been awful this season against the run, and Blount has really started an upswing starting in Green Bay and continuing in Nashville last Sunday. He should continue his momentum upward this week.

WR Jordy Nelson (GB) vs. NYG: He's now pretty much an every week start now, isn't he? With the Giants defense banged up and looking pretty awful, Nelson should exploit matchups against rookie linebackers and bad corners, so he should have a big game for the undefeated Pack.

WR Eric Decker (DEN) vs. MIN: When Tim Tebow throws the football (not often), Decker is the main target. He has scored a TD in 4 straight games when Tebow has thrown a TD pass. The Vikings secondary is very bad, so Decker may have another big game.

TE Fred Davis (WSH) vs. NYJ: He may be one of the biggest fantasy successes you don't know a whole lot about. He has been racking up points this season, and it does help that he will be facing one of the worst teams defending the Tight End in the Jets.

DEF New England vs. IND: The Colts are starting Paul Justin Dan Orlovsky against the Pats on Sunday. Wasn't he on the last team that went winless in a season? Oh yeah. The Pats D will come up big on Sunday.

Who to Sit:

QB Carson Palmer (OAK) vs. MIA: He's been lighting the world on fire since he took over the Raiders starting QB job; he's 3-1 as a starter. However against Miami, he may struggle because the Dolphins have been playing much better of late, especially in the secondary.

RB Jackie Battle (KC) vs. CHI: He has had scattered big games throughout the season in the absence of Jamaal Charles, but he's losing favor to Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster fast. It doesn't help that the matchup against the Bears is not at all favorable.

WR Stevie Johnson (BUF) vs. TEN: Even if he doesn't (fake) shooting himself in the foot on Sunday, he won't have success against Cortland Finnegan, who has quietly been one of the best man-to-man cover corners in the NFL this season. He enjoyed Revis Island, but a trip to Finnegan's may not be so pleasant.

WR Santana Moss (NYJ) vs. WSH: I hope he enjoys his trip to Revis Island this Sunday. I have a sneaking suspicion that he won't.

TE Greg Olsen (CAR) vs. TB: He has fallen of the face of the fantasy earth lately, and even though the Bucs don't defend the Tight End well, Cam Newton will likely look for other options in Tampa on Sunday more often.

DEF New York Giants vs. GB: Everyone saw what happened to the Giants defense on Monday Night in New Orleans, and their next task is to stop Aaron Rodgers. I smell a repeat performance in store for the Big Blue defense.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Caleb Hanie (CHI) vs. KC: Despite his nature for turning over the ball often, he can run better than some QB's on the waiver wire right now. That should help his performance somewhat, so he may have a big game on Sunday.

WR Deion Branch (NE) vs. IND: He went all Super Bowl XXXIX on the Eagles last Sunday, and with his true success continuing to become a factor, he could have another big game against the hapless Colts on Sunday.

DEF San Diego vs. JAX MON: They have been a major disappointment all year, but they may finally have a good week against the Jaguars on Monday, who are dead last in the NFL in offense, despite making numerous and noted coaching changes this week.

Buyer Beware:

QB Eli Manning (NYG) vs. GB: Even though the matchup seems favorable, I'd be very weary of Manning on Sunday. The Packers force a ton of turnovers, and Eli has been doing that more often of late. He may get a ton of yards, but they may be garbage time yards, not meaningful ones.

Good Luck in Week 13!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Week 12 Fantasy Advice

Did you have a good Week 12? In some leagues, the playoffs are right around the corner, and therefore all the points you need to win may have to come from new guys based on the many injuries around the league. That's why you look here before you engorge yourself on turkey, right?

Who to Start:

QB Matt Ryan (ATL) vs. MIN: Matt Ryan has been scorching hot of late, especially since the Falcons came off their bye week. Minnesota has been terrible defending the pass of late, so Ryan could have another big game on Sunday for the Falcons.

RB Beanie Wells (ARZ) vs. STL: Fantasy running backs have been as a group struggling of late, and good ones have been tougher to come by. Wells has a good matchup against the Rams, who are a team that doesn't defend the run very well, so Beanie could have a big game.

WR Steve Smith (CAR) vs. IND: The Colts are about as bad as it gets, and they have no defense. Advantage: Cam Newton and the Panthers. Steve Smith will benefit.

WR DeSean Jackson (PHI) vs. NE: It doesn't really matter who starts at QB for the Eagles, because Jackson should get targets either way. The Patriots have had well documented problems defending the pass, so Jackson could have another big week.

TE Owen Daniels (HOU) vs. JAX: Not only do the Jaguars have struggles defending the Tight End, Matt Leinart will surely need a safety blanket on Sunday, with the Jaguars overall having a decent pass defense. Daniels should have a big game.

DEF Pittsburgh vs. KC: It doesn't matter who starts for the Chiefs, they will not have any success against a rested Steelers defense. Tyler Palko looked awful against a bad Pats D, so that won't bode well when he plays against a good Steelers D.

Who to Sit:

QB Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. SF THU: The 49ers defense has been a major success story this season, and with the tendency of Flacco to have off and on weeks, this matchup does not look good for the Ravens signal caller.

RB Willis McGahee (DEN) vs. SD: The Chargers have been pretty stout against the run, and McGahee has been struggling of late. Tebow time will take over, and that may not include running with McGahee.

WR Reggie Wayne (IND) vs. CAR: Don't you feel a little sorry for him? I do, and neither of the Colts QB's can get the ball to him down the field, and that likely will continue, despite the Colts playing the bad Carolina defense.

WR Jerome Simpson (CIN) vs. CLE: He had a big week last week, but I don't think that will happen against a very good secondary that the Browns have, led by Joe Haden. He probably will struggle this week.

TE Dustin Keller (NYJ) vs. BUF: His production has taken a sharp nosedive, as he hasn't scored a TD since Week 2 against Jacksonville. He's been nearly invisible, so he is a major risk to start this Sunday against Buffalo.

DEF New York Giants vs. NO MON: Even though the Giants are a good fantasy D unit, they will have some serious troubles against the Saints offense, which is well rested, and can absolutely torch a defense, especially one like the Giants have with all of the injuries.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Tim Tebow (DEN) vs. SD: It really doesn't matter if his numbers aren't gaudy, he just gets big fantasy points in every game. Against a Chargers defense that has been struggling big time, Tebow may have big numbers once again.

RB DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart (CAR) vs. IND: Despite the fact that they both have not had amazing seasons, they will rebound this week against the horrendous Colts run defense. Anyone else smelling blowout?

DEF Seattle vs. WSH: They aren't a good unit overall, but when they play Washington, they may have a good week. Teams playing the Redskins usually have good defensive games, and everyone knows why that's true.

Buyer Beware:

QB Carson Palmer (OAK) vs. CHI: Even though he has been producing big numbers since he took over the starting job, he may have some troubles this week against the Bears defense which has been surging of late. Watch out for this matchup.

Good Luck in Week 12, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Did You See That: The Tebow Effect

If I presented you this career stat line of: 97/207, 1,363 yards, 12 TD's, and 4 INT's, you may not think much of it. You may think this is the line of a pretty decent backup QB. He's also rushed for 615 yards on 99 attempts. Not bad. But would you pick him as your team's starting QB over who they have already? Many would say no. But, what if I told you the QB was Tim Tebow? Everything changes. Such is the Tebow phenomenon that has swept the NFL, where a QB with mediocre stats becomes one of the league's posterboys. And, his game winning drives have led to the notion that, "All he does is win." There are not many players to compare to Tebow, but I think I may have found one...

There was a famous QB who played for Boston College named Doug Flutie. Flutie of course, made his name for an amazing play in college, which ended up defining his campaign to win the Heisman Trophy. The so called "Flutie Effect" got more people to apply to Boston College because of their sudden football prowess.  His career in the NFL got off to a rocky start, and he eventually had success in the USFL and CFL before ever getting his true chance in the NFL. But, when came to Buffalo in 1998 along with Rob Johnson (a mistake in itself), the tide was turning. In his first NFL start in 9 seasons against Jacksonville in 1998, he perfected the art he became famous for... leading a team in the dying seconds to victory, often by scrambling. Sound familiar? The Bills were 2-3 when Flutie took over for an injured Rob Johnson, and Flutie led them to an 8-3 record from that point. Starting to really sound familiar? He almost pulled off the same magic in the AFC Wildcard Game against Dan Marino and Miami, but they fell short in OT. Flutie magic, as silly as it was, became an NFL staple for 5 years.

Tebow Magic strikes me as familiar. The first 55 minutes of a game are tough to watch, and aren't artistry at all, but once crunch time starts, Tebow works his "magic". "All he does is win", reminds me a lot of what Doug Flutie did for the Bills and Chargers. He was not scouted highly due to his height, 5'10", but yet he still found a way to win. Tebow has very little skill at throwing the football, but hell, all he does is win. After a QB change in the 6th game of their campaigns, they lead their teams to comeback victories that cement their status. Flutie's run led Buffalo to the postseason, as improbable as it was, despite the loss in the Wild Card game. Tebow's success is very similar.

This is not a perfect comparison, as Flutie arguably had better numbers, and a better throwing motion. But, Flutie wasn't the QB like Elway, or Marino. He more played like Rob Johnson at times. Tim Tebow isn't a QB who will play like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, he'll sometimes play like... well... Kyle Orton. But, "Flutie Magic" or "Tebow Magic" wipes all of that out of the ether. Just winning is all that matters. Forget the fact that the teams they played weren't necessarily playing at their best, or sometimes, playing really bad games, or the fact that their numbers weren't amazing, they won. That's it, and that's all.

Broncos fans sure hope Tebow has more success than Flutie did. Flutie never won a playoff game, and since the controversial decision to start Rob Johnson over him in the 1999 Wild Card game, the Bills haven't been back to the playoffs. They both won Heismans. They both had major college success. They both had many doubters. Yet, they won. But, John Elway knows this is not the long term answer at QB in Tebow, and you can see it on his face every time they win with Tebow. Higher ups in the Bills organization knew that Flutie wasn't a long term answer at QB, which may explain why he was benched in 1999 AFC Wild Card Game in Nashville.  He may win now, but the success isn't sustainable.

Both of these QB's have done amazing things that boggle the mind sometimes, but winning is the key. All the Tebow supporters need to see and compare Doug Flutie's success to that of their hero, and see how similar they are. They don't want it to end the same way as Flutie, but it just may, the way this is going. To finish the Flutie story, he went to San Diego after Buffalo for 3 years, and didn't do very much with a struggling Drew Brees alongside him. Then he made dropkicks in New England, and won a Super Bowl sitting on the bench. Maybe Tebow from the bench can inspire his new team to win a Super Bowl...

It's not a perfect comparison, but it's one that must be considered. The NFL is a league of balancing short-term success and long term viability, and with Tebow and Flutie, a fine line has been walked. What side of the line Tebow ends up on is an open question, but will the short term gains outweigh the long term promises? That is something for John Elway and John Fox to decide. Tebow won't stop being Tebow, but will the Broncos themselves stop it?

No one knows, just ask Doug Flutie.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Week 11 Fantasy Advice

Did you have a good Week 10? Hard to believe that we're already at Week 11, but there is still some time to make a comeback in order to make the playoffs. They do start relatively soon, you know. And that's why you come here to check out this post.


Who to Start:

QB Carson Palmer (OAK) vs. MIN: He had a big night last Thursday against the Chargers, and this week, he goes up against a Vikings secondary that is really bad, and just lost their top corner Antoine Winfield for the year. Ouch. Palmer is steadily improving, so he should be a great play this week.

RB Reggie Bush (MIA) vs. BUF: He's enjoyed resurgent performances in his last 3 games, where he's finally played like the back that Miami expected him to be. On Sunday, he goes up against a Buffalo defense that got torched by DeMarco Murray last Sunday, and so Bush could have another big day.

WR Plaxico Burress (NYJ) vs. DEN THU: With Champ Bailey likely putting Santonio Holmes out on an island for most of the game, Burress should have a great matchup. The Denver defense is reeling, and is not very good at defending the pass.

WR Jordy Nelson (GB) vs. TB: We all know Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around to everyone, and Jordy Nelson is just one of the guys. However, it seems that Nelson is getting more targets and TD's lately. To further his start, the Bucs come in 28th in pass defense. Watch out.

TE Tony Gonzalez (ATL) vs. TEN: The Titans do have trouble defending Tight Ends, and considering that Gonzalez is one of the most targeted TE's in the NFL, he could and should have a big game on Sunday.

DEF New England vs. KC MON: Tyler Palko. Enough said.

Who to Sit:

QB Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. CIN: Despite the fact that Leon Hall is out for Cincy for the rest of the season, Flacco has still been pretty bad overall this season. The Bengals defense is tenacious, so Flacco could struggle some on Sunday.

RB Any Washington Running Back vs. DAL: This is a new kind of bench suggestion, isn't it? Due to the fact that Mike Shanahan likes to bench and start players when you least expect him to, watch out for starting any Redskin back. It also doesn't help that Dallas has a good run defense.

WR DeSean Jackson (PHI) vs. NYG: I know what you're thinking, but considering the struggles that Jackson has had this season, and especially due to the uncertainty at the QB position for Philly, he may not have a very good game on Sunday against the Giants.

WR Eric Decker (DEN) vs. NYJ: He'll be on Revis Island, and there is a legit chance the Broncos may call fewer passing plays than the 8 they did last Sunday. Stay as far away as possible.

TE Jermaine Gresham (CIN) vs. BAL: The Ravens are very good at defending opposing Tight Ends, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Ravens are going to be very mad when they play the Bengals on Sunday. Watch out.

DEF San Diego vs. CHI: The Bolts have been struggling mightily on defense, due to injuries and just overall drops in production. The Bears are hot coming into the game, and their offense has been very dynamic. I doubt the Bolts will have success on defense.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Alex Smith (SF) vs. ARZ: The Cardinals pass defense has been atrocious this season despite a good performance last week, but don't expect that to continue. Alex Smith has been quiet and consistent this season, but he may have a big game this week.

WR Denarius Moore (OAK) vs. MIN: He broke out against the Chargers, and considering the way Palmer targets his receivers, Moore could have another big game against the porous Vikings on Sunday.

DEF Cleveland vs. JAX: They have been a quiet and consistent unit this season, but they may have a big game against a Jacksonville offense that is last in the NFL and has found no rhythm aside from Maurice Jones-Drew. They are free agents in most leagues, so if you lost the Steelers or Texans D, the Browns may be a good unit to pick.

Buyer Beware:

QB Tony Romo (DAL) vs. WSH: I won't say that his performance last week was a mirage, but the Redskins pass defense has been pretty good this season, only allowing 8 total TD passes. Romo may have a slump this Sunday.

Good Luck in Week 11!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Scandal Coverage

All sports fans right now seem well immersed in the whole Penn State rape scandal, but maybe a little too much. Everyone was tuned into the riots that occurred on Wednesday night resulting from Joe Paterno being fired. The coverage from many news outlets, from the local affiliates in Pennsylvania to ESPN and CNN has been superb, but, has a line been crossed? Ever since the story broke, it has overtaken many other newsworthy stories in sports, and completely shoved them out of the equation. I know how monumental this story is in the sports world, but maybe it's time to move on.

Here are a couple of stories that were either missed or barely covered last night as a result of the Penn State scandal: Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped in his native Venezuela by gunmen and hasn't been heard from. That is a pretty big story, and it was barely covered last night. The NBA lockout negotiations continue on, and are right now in a precarious situation where they could collapse at any minute. That was barely covered, aside from interviews with Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard which few people heard because they were asleep. The former Rutgers player that was paralyzed on a kickoff return, Eric Legrand, tweeted that he was going to start walking on a treadmill. That is touching, and heartwarming, but you only saw that through twitter. And, UCF got a scathing notice from the NCAA of allegations that are more serious than any of the other scandals seen this year, but no mentions. You see?

There was also an interesting dichotomy in the coverage provided in different countries. The U.S got too much coverage it seems from ESPN, and Canada got next to none with TSN. I know the sports priorities in each country are vastly different, but a little coverage in Canada would be nice, as some people in Canada do care about American College Football. But, this provides a contrast between different places on the coverage that this scandal has garnered, including the hilarity of the British CNN anchor who didn't know when Penn State's next game was.

By the time we get to Saturday, the coverage may get even more inclusive, and take away from a pretty sizable college football Saturday. I know more allegations could be coming, and there is a game to be played, but ESPN has to move on at some point. I understand the gravity of the situation, but things have to change surrounding the coverage of this scandal. We all know pretty much every detail of this scandal available to us right now, and we don't need to hear them constantly batted over our heads. Every ESPN program is at fault here, not just Sportscenter. I doubt the OSU and Miami scandals got nearly half of the coverage combined as this Penn State scandal has gotten. I know that's a bad comparison in terms of the scandals themselves, but it has to be mentioned. ESPN is covering the sports side of it well, but a little more attention could be paid to the legal side of the scandal too.

Maybe this is too scathing towards ESPN, who has covered this story very well, and has had to juggle major stories before. But, maybe they should sit back and look at what they have done in their coverage with a different lens. Their coverage has been great, but too much coverage is still too much. I know it will be hard to move on, but you have to start somewhere.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Week 10 Fantasy Advice

Did you have a good Week 9? It's hard to imagine that we're already halfway through the season, and we're inching closer to the fantasy playoffs. This is the time to be sure about which waiver wire pickups you choose, and make some trades too, so read up.

Who to Start:

QB Carson Palmer (OAK) vs. SD THU: If you're desperate for a QB, Palmer may just be the perfect choice. He's going up against a Chargers defense that got torched on Sunday against Green Bay, and the more time Palmer spends under center, the more comfortable he gets. He's a good option on Sunday.

RB DeMarco Murray (DAL) vs. BUF: When any Dallas running back sets a new Cowboy rushing record, take notice. Murray has been awesome since his intro in Week 7, and he'll be going up against a suspect Buffalo rushing defense on Sunday.

WR Jeremy Maclin (PHI) vs. ARZ: Despite his drop issues, he should be a good play this week. He'll be going up against a porous Arizona secondary, and the whole team is going to be mad after their Monday night loss at the hands of Chicago.

WR Julio Jones (ATL) vs. NO: It took him until Week 9 to finally break out, but he did big time with 2 touchdowns against the Colts. New Orleans has some secondary issues, so Jones may have another big game this Sunday.

TE Brandon Pettigrew (DET) vs. CHI: The Bears are 5-3, but that's not an indicator of their defensive struggles. They're 26th against the pass, and Tight Ends have done most of the damage. Pettigrew may have a big game this Sunday.

DEF Cleveland vs. STL: The Rams have scored the second fewest points per game in the NFL, and they have been unimpressive offensively most of the time. Cleveland's defense has been an under the radar good unit this season, so they may be a good start this week.

Who to Sit:

QB Josh Freeman (TB) vs. HOU: The Bucs have been the definition of inconsistency this season, and going up against what is now the #1 ranked defense in the league won't help matters. Josh Freeman likely will have some struggles on Sunday against Houston.

RB Marshawn Lynch (SEA) vs. BAL: Even though he had a big game last week against Dallas, the Ravens defense is going to be a bit of a different story. The Ravens defense has been dominant against the run this season, so look for Lynch to struggle.

WR A.J Green (CIN) vs. PIT: It's tough to sit him at this point, but the Steelers defense has been shutting down #1 receivers almost totally since Week 1. The Bengals also haven't faced this kind of defense this season, so this may be a tough matchup.

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK) vs. SD THU: Even though the Raiders offense may be a good play this week, Heyward-Bey can disappear totally from the stat sheet. He did last week, and there is a worry about how his production will change. Start with caution.

TE Vernon Davis (SF) vs. NYG: He's a tough sit of course, but the Giants have done a very good job stopping Tight Ends this season. The game for San Francisco will be won on the outside, so there may be some struggles for Davis.

DEF New York Jets vs. NE: It's hard to bench them after their performance in Buffalo, but against the Patriots, the unit may have some trouble. Fantasy wise, there may be a drop in points for this unit.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Christian Ponder (MIN) vs. GB MON: If you're in a deep league, he may be a good option. The Packers pass defense has been very bad this season, and Ponder had some success against them in their first meeting. He is a possible fantasy breakout candidate this week.

RB Jonathan Stewart (CAR) vs. TEN: The Titans have had some struggles stopping the run this season, so Stewart may see some positive action on Sunday, despite relative struggles this season.

TE Jake Ballard (NYG) vs. SF: He broke out last Sunday against the Patriots, and he could have another big game against San Francisco, who has had some trouble defending Tight Ends this season.

Buyer Beware:

QB Andy Dalton (CIN) vs. PIT: You may be enticed by his numbers this year, which haven't been amazing but they have been consistent. But, he's yet to face a defense like Pittsburgh's. They will be aggressive, and attack Dalton, who will likely struggle on Sunday.

Good Luck in Week 10!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Annual Game of the Century

The term "Game of the Century" conjures up strong images, doesn't it? Grandeur, splendor, and excitement all come with the name. But, it seems that the so called "Game of the Century" doesn't really take on that meaning anymore, especially with college football, where the term caught fire. Even though #1 vs. #2 happens rarely during the regular season, that term doesn't really capture the meaning of what it's supposed to anymore. I know that the term is pretty much a farce now amongst fans and sportswriters, but if that's the case, then why do we still use it?

A simple trip to Wikipedia shows that when "Game of the Century" is typed in for college football, 12 games come up. 12! Compare this to college basketball, and you only get one option. Of course, that one is pretty famous on its own, but that's not for this discussion. 12 separate "Games of the Century", and since some of them happen in the same decade, you can't really call it a "Game of the Decade", or maybe even a game of the year. Some of the games live up to the hype, like the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, or the 1991 installment of Florida State vs. Miami, but the novelty of the term has worn thin by now. So, when the "Game of the Century" was being played on November 4, many joked about about it being a crappy game. If you truly wanted a "Game of the Century" connotation, you could look to the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game earlier this year. You never know about a game before it's played, as that is one of the novelties of sports. But, it still doesn't excuse the banal term.

The real test of the term is this: How many of you will remember this LSU vs. Alabama game 10 years from now? I'd guess not many. Most fans choose to remember the high moments, and forget the bad ones (tell that one to Florida State fans), so the "Game of the Century" term doesn't really qualify if it doesn't stick in your mind for a long time. I know the regular season is very different from the playoffs, and especially with the regular season in college football holding so much grout, I can understand the importance of games like these. But, there are simply more memorable games from a season to throw a term at than a simple #1 vs. #2, which could be a blowout.

If you could pick one game from any sport that defined the sport permanently, what would you pick? There are plenty of options, but for college football, would you pick LSU vs. Alabama? Probably not. Would you pick one of the "Games of the Century" as you choice? Some would, some wouldn't. It's all subjective, and especially to the losers in these games, it's surely not a "Game of the Century". So, why is it still used? The media hype machine, and whatever will drive up ratings. Oversimplification, probably. But it's one explanation.

As a media term, "Game of the Century" is about as fresh and new as the social media craze. But as a sports term, "Game of the Century" has lost all its luster, and therefore, should not be used, until a real "Game of the Century" comes along, and you never know when that will.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Week 9 Fantasy Advice

Did you have a good week 8? This is the time to start winning, and catch momentum, while the bye weeks are few, and games begin to get tighter, and better. Remember, Thursday games start next week, and that could play even more into your choices. But, enjoy the traditional Sunday and Monday games this week while you can.


Who to Start:

QB Eli Manning (NYG) vs. NE: Remember before the season, when Eli said he should be considered elite, and be compared to Tom Brady? Well, based on his performance this year, he should. Now, he goes head-to-head with Brady, but he has the benefit of playing the Patriots horrific pass defense, which hasn't stopped anyone this year. Eli may just be as good, or better than Brady, for at least this week.

RB Beanie Wells (ARZ) vs. STL: He didn't have an amazing game last week, but he was playing Baltimore. He's now playing St. Louis. Their run defense is abysmal, so Beanie should have a big game on Sunday, and he may need to, with Kevin Kolb likely out due to injury.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC) vs. MIA: In the beginning of the year, I kept saying how he may be a big bust this season. Well, now that the Chiefs have won 4 in a row, I can retract those statements, kind of. Bowe is going up against the awful Dolphins secondary on Sunday, so he should have a big game.

WR Brandon Lloyd (STL) vs. ARZ: Even having A.J Feeley hasn't slowed him down. He had a big game last week against New Orleans, and he may have a bigger one on Sunday, no matter who plays at QB. The Cardinals secondary has been awful this season, so watch out for Lloyd to have a big game on Sunday.

TE Brent Celek (PHI) vs. CHI MON: Usually, Celek is nowhere to be found on any fantasy roster due to his role in the Eagles offense. But, don't worry about that this week, because Celek is facing a team that struggles to defend the Tight End.

DEF Houston vs. CLE: The Texans have had the benefit of playing 2 bad offensive teams in consecutive weeks. Last week was Jacksonville, and this week is Cleveland. The defense looks very good, so watch out for the Texans D to put up big points this week.

Who to Sit:

QB Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. PIT: Boy, has he been awful since his explosion in week 1. Going up against the revamped Steelers defense this week, don't expect him to have a very good game this time around.

RB Peyton Hillis (CLE) vs. HOU: He looks like he'll play this week, but that doesn't mean to start him. The Texans rushing defense is one of the best in the league right now, thanks to the Wade Phillips renaissance. The Madden Curse may be real.

WR Nate Washington (TEN) vs. CIN: He has seen a numbers spike since Kenny Britt hit the shelf due to injuries, but don't expect the numbers to be high this week. The Bengals defense has been quietly awesome this season, especially against the pass. So, watch out Titans.

WR Michael Crabtree (SF) vs. WSH: He hasn't seen an amazing season this year, despite the amazing overall success of the team. Despite the Redskins struggles this season, they still have defended the pass quite well, so now Crabtree won't have too much success this weekend.

TE Scott Chandler (BUF) vs. NYJ: Here's one from the vaults: "Who?" He's one of Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite targets right now, and he's had a great season. But, he'll be going up against a defense that has struggled, but defended against the tight end very well this season. Watch out.

DEF San Diego vs. GB: They used to be one of the best fantasy defenses around, but they are struggling badly right now. And, to compound things, they will now be facing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Tall order.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Matt Cassel (KC) vs. MIA: It's safe to start him now. He's looked a lot better in the past 2 weeks for Kansas City, and going up against the horrendous Miami pass defense, he may have a breakout Sunday. But, he's still a sleeper for a reason.

RB Michael Bush (OAK) vs. DEN: Run DMC is out on Sunday, so the focus will turn to Michael Bush right now. The Broncos don't stop the run very well, so Michael Bush could have a very big game on Sunday, and possibly upstage Carson Palmer.

WR Victor Cruz (NYG) vs. NE: New England's pass defense is awful, and Victor Cruz is a possible big target for Eli Manning with his lack of big receivers. Cruz has the potential for a big game on Sunday, against the New England secondary that continues to deteriorate.

Buyer Beware:

QB Matt Schaub (HOU) vs. CLE: I know it's hard to bench him at this stage of the season, but Cleveland has a very underrated, and under the radar pass defense, which has allowed the 3rd fewest fantasy points to QB's this season. Schaub may have some troubles on Sunday, especially without Andre Johnson, which may happen again.

Good Luck in Week 9!