Monday, July 25, 2011

Comparing the NFL Lockout and the Debt Crisis

Since our country has been focused on 2 different sets of negotiations that are paramount to our country, I figured since 1 of them is now solved, I should compare the 2. Here are the similarities and differences between the 2011 NFL Lockout and the Debt Crisis.

Similarity: 2 groups are arguing over billions and billions of dollars that no one in the U.S would even dream of having even a whiff of. No one feels any sympathy.

Difference: One deal was doomed to oblivion from the start, while the other had an end date that no one wanted to acknowledge.

Similarity: One group is a bunch of old white guys with a lot of money and wanting the old ways back, while the other is a multi-cultural diverse group headed by an African-American.

Difference: One African-American has been called a pansy by the opposition, while the other has been fighting hard for what he wants and got a lot out of the old white guys.

Similarity: If either agreement didn't come to pass by a certain date, both would have inevitably lead to downfalls of certain organizations and groups.

Difference: If one agreement didn't pass, the economy would tank and no one would have money. If the other agreement didn't pass, then a whole 50% of the countries men would be bored to tears on Sunday with an open Cheetos bag.

Similarity: Both negotiations have had sources that have reported the near end of the conflict thousands of times over, and were wrong all of the time.

Difference: For one negotiation, the sources caused a ton of confusion amongst the population, and in the other the sources have stood back and threw their hands in the air.

Similarity: When both negotiations end in a peaceful agreement, mass chaos will ensue.

Difference: With one negotation, the mass chaos will be over where players sign, and with the other, the late-night comedy shows will be scrambling to find something to make fun of.

Similarity: Both negotiations were tough to complete, and it was difficult to please both sides.

Difference: Robert Kraft: "The debt crisis is a lot easier to fix than this deal was." Then if that is so, then why hasn't the debt crisis ended with a celebration and fireworks? The government likes to wait until the last minute to finish everything, I guess.

Similarity: Both negotiations have been met with an air of criticism for not ending soon enough because "the people deserve to see it end".

Difference: In one negotiation, the people deserve to see an end, and in the other, they don't. They missed nothing.

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