Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 MLB Season Predictions

Even though it feels like I'm distant from baseball, the start of a new season is always a good sign. It means, for at least 6 days, that I can be optimistic about the New York Mets, and it means that it's time to dust off the glove and bat and go play outside (except if you're me, which means it's time to head to the medicine cabinet because allergy season is starting). Without further useless jokes, here are my sure-to-be-wrong 2014 MLB Season predictions.

AL East:

1) BOS
2) TB
3) NYY
4) BAL
5) TOR

AL Central:

1) DET
2) KC
3) CLE
4) CWS
5) MIN

AL West:

1) OAK
2) LAA
3) TEX
4) SEA
5) HOU

NL East:

1) WSH
2) ATL
3) NYM
4) PHI
5) MIA

NL Central:

1) STL
2) PIT
3) CIN
4) MIL
5) CHC

NL West:

1) LAD
2) SF
3) SD
4) ARZ
5) COL

Playoff Order:

AL: 1) BOS 2) DET 3) OAK 4) TB 5) NYY
NL: 1) LAD 2) STL 3) WSH 4) PIT 5) SF

Playoff Predictions:


4) TB over 1) BOS in 5
2) DET over 3) OAK in 4 (again)


2) DET over 4) TB in 6


1) LAD over 5) SF in 4
2) STL over 3) WSH in 4


2) STL over 1) LAD in 5 (again)

2014 World Series:

St Louis over Detroit in 5 (again, again)

Award Predictions:


MVP: Mike Trout
Cy Young: David Price
Rookie: Masahiro Tanaka
Manager: Ned Yost
HR King: Miguel Cabrera (and that contract)


MVP: Yadier Molina
Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw (again... notice a theme here?)
Rookie: Travis D'Arnaud (Give me a homer pick, please)
Manager: Matt Williams
HR King: The artist formerly known as Mike Stanton

Apologies to everyone here, although I should remind you I correctly predicted the World Series in 2012 preseason. It's something.

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