Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2013-14 NHL Season Predictions (In Review)

In an annual self-shaming exercise, it's time to review my preseason NHL predictions before the playoffs begin. Usually, this is the time when I publicly wipe egg off my face for my silly predictions that went wrong simply because I tried to be different, and in a few instances get to pump my own tires for looking like a genius. It will probably be a lot of the former, if you're curious.

Metro Division: My preseason order went (on the side is the correct order):

1) PIT   (Correct)
2) NYR (Correct)
3) PHI   (Correct)
4) WSH  (CBJ)
5) NYI    (WSH)
6) CBJ     (NJ)
7) CAR   (Correct)
8) NJ       (NYI)

Not too bad, aside from grossly overestimating the Islanders.

Atlantic Division:

1) BOS  (Correct)
2) DET   (TB)
3) OTT   (MTL)
4) MTL  (DET)
5) TB   (OTT)
6) FLA   (TOR)
7) TOR   (FLA)
8) BUF  (Correct)

Hooray, I bookended the division correctly! At least I didn't fall into the Leafs trap.

Central Division:

1) CHI    (COL)
2) STL    (Correct)
3) MIN    (CHI)
4) NSH    (MIN)
5) DAL   (Correct)
6) WPG  (Correct)
7) COL   (NSH)

I think everyone didn't expect the Avs to do what they ended up doing, so I don't feel too bad.

Pacific Division:

1) LA   (ANA)
2) SJ     (Correct)
3) PHX   (LA)
4) VAN   (PHX)
5) ANA   (VAN)
6) EDM   (CGY)
7) CGY   (EDM)

Oh well, this is where it all kinda went wrong. Never doubt a Bruce Boudreau team in the regular season is the lesson here.

Overall I correctly predicted 11 out of 16 playoff teams. Not too terrible, but I could have done better.

Awards Predictions:

President's Trophy: Pittsburgh (Boston won it, but they might have won it if it wasn't for the injuries).
Hart: Sidney Crosby (Hey, he will! Shocker.)
Art Ross: Alex Ovechkin (He won the Rocket Richard, but not the Ross. Thanks Sid)
Rocket Richard: Steven Stamkos (See above)
Vezina: Antti Niemi (Either Varlamov or Rask will win this)
Norris: Alex Pietrangelo (Lots of choices for this award, but I don't think Pietrangelo will get it)
Calder: Filip Forsberg (Facepalm. Nathan MacKinnon has this won, but I couldn't have been more wrong. New Rule: Whoever Jeff Marek picks for the Calder... DON'T DO IT).
Selke: Jonathan Toews (Nope. Patrice Bergeron has this one locked up)
Jack Adams: Dave Tippett (Again no... thanks Patrick Roy).

Overall... not too many hilariously bad picks aside from Forsberg for Calder, so really par for the course. Now as for my playoff picks... I can't promise anything.

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