Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

Here are my full, official and final 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions. Oh boy, can't wait to see these blow up in my face:

Eastern Conference:

First Round:   NYR over PIT in 5
                       WSH over NYI in 7
                       TB over DET in 5
                       OTT over MTL in 6

Second Round:  NYR over WSH in 6
                          TB over OTT in 5

Eastern Conference Finals: TB over NYR in 6

Western Conference:

First Round: CHI over NSH in 6
                     STL over MIN in 6
                     ANA over WPG in 7
                     VAN over CGY in 6

Second Round:  CHI over STL in 6
                           ANA over VAN in 6

Western Conference Finals:  CHI over ANA in 5

2015 Stanley Cup Finals:   TB over CHI in 6

Conn Smythe Trophy Winner: Tyler Johnson

Sorry to Blackhawks and Bolts fans in advance.

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