Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 NFL Season Predictions in Review

In what may have been the most topsy-turvy NFL season in recent memory, it stands to reason that most predictions done in the preseason are probably going to be wrong. Mine are no exception. So, in the interest of self-awareness and eating a big slice of humble pie, let's take a look at how wrong I was back in early September:

Division Winners I Picked: DAL, GB, ATL, SEA, NE, PIT, IND, DEN

Actual Division Winners: WSH, MIN, CAR, ARZ, NE, CIN, HOU, DEN

Two out of eight ain't bad, right? Right? I did have Arizona in the playoffs at least, but otherwise things didn't go well for me outside of the obvious division winners in New England and Denver. Not getting a single NFC division winner right is well...

NFC Playoff Teams I Picked: SEA, DAL, GB, ATL, DET, ARZ

NFC Actual Playoff Teams:  CAR, ARZ, MIN, WSH, GB, SEA

Three out of six is a better hit-rate, but I didn't get any in their correct position. I had Minnesota on the fringe of the playoffs because I just didn't think they had enough yet, but they did, and coupled with Green Bay's slide, they won the NFC North. I also didn't think Carolina had enough to repeat, especially after the loss of Kelvin Benjamin. I'm not making that mistake again.

AFC Playoff Teams I Picked: IND, NE, DEN, PIT, BAL, KC

AFC Actual Playoff Teams: DEN, NE, CIN, HOU, KC, PIT

Four out of six is much more like it. I thought Baltimore was a slightly more complete team than Pittsburgh, and I also didn't think there was any way that three AFC North teams would make the playoffs again, and I was right, but no one could have ever seen the injuries that the Ravens succumbed to. I feel a little sense of satisfaction in getting the Chiefs right, though after week six I wasn't feeling all that confident with them.

Preseason Super Bowl prediction: Packers/Colts. Likelihood? Zero. On both accounts.

Awards Predictions (Preseason first, then what will happen):

MVP: Andrew Luck. (His kidneys might be the most valuable player in the NFL. Gonna be Cam Newton).
OPOY: Ben Roethlisberger (Possible, though not likely because of his injuries).
DPOY: J.J Watt (Slam dunk).
OROY: Amari Cooper (Had his flashes, but there are better candidates out there).
DROY: Vic Beasley (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, this was smart, Matt).
Coach: Mike Zimmer (Likely, but wouldn't guarantee it).

How many preseason record predictions did I nail exactly? Buffalo (8-8), New Orleans (7-9), San Francisco (5-11).

Favorite Preseason Prediction that ended up being right: Eagles missing the playoffs. Told you.

I ended up winning an NFL picking competition somewhere else, so it's nice to know the brains went somewhere during this season. Stay tuned to see if my playoff predictions are any better.

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