Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 MLB Postseason Predictions (and Regular Season Prediction Recap)

Considering that my regular season predictions were at least in the right ballpark, if a bit off in some spots, does that mean my playoff predictions will do better? I'd like to think so, considering how off I was a postseason ago. So, here are my brief postseason predictions:

AL Wild Card Game: Orioles over Blue Jays
NL Wild Card Game: Mets over Giants (I have to)

ALDS: Rangers over Orioles in 4
             Red Sox over Indians in 5

ALCS: Red Sox over Rangers in 6

NLDS: Cubs over Mets in 4
             Dodgers over Nats in 4

NLCS: Cubs over Dodgers in 7

World Series (Dreams really do come true, FOX): Red Sox over Cubs in 6

World Series MVP: David Ortiz (Hello Narrative)

Just a tiny bit more torture for the forever tortured Chicago Cubs. The Red Sox have the mix of pitching and offense that's needed to win the World Series, and while the Cubs are pretty clearly the favorite, something tells me the Red Sox are going to send Big Papi off with a championship. Gut feeling rather than going with numbers and science. That always works, doesn't it?

And since I can, here are some of my favorites from my preseason predictions:

I got four out of five NL playoff teams right, only whiffing on the Nats who made it and the Cardinals who didn't. In the AL, I got three of the five, whiffing on Houston and Kansas City in place of Baltimore and Cleveland (Baltimore was the biggest whiff of them all). My preseason World Series prediction was Blue Jays over Giants, which is still possible, but at this point extremely unlikely.

In terms of awards (my preseason prediction in italics)...

NL Cy Young: Madison Bumgarner (It will likely be Max Scherzer, but give it to Jose Fernandez please, what a story that would be).
AL Cy Young: David Price (Yeah right. Corey Kluber is a good candidate, so is Rick Porcello and Zach Britton, who I defer to because being that consistent as a closer is incredibly rare).
NL MVP: Kris Bryant (Pretty much. Corey Seager can also win it, but Bryant is the favorite).
AL MVP: Carlos Correa (Not quite. Mike Trout is still the best player in the AL, though he's on a bad team. There are plenty of contenders, including Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, David Ortiz, Mookie Bets, etc. but I'd defer to Trout here).
NL Rookie: Corey Seager (The most obvious award winner in the history of this award)
AL Rookie: Byron Buxton (would have been nice, but nope. Michael Fulmer was pretty amazing for the Tigers, but Gary Sanchez probably wins the award even though he played less than half a season).
NL Manager: Bruce Bochy (Dusty Baker turned dysfunction into harmony and a NL East title. Dave Roberts could also be in contention).
AL Manager: John Gibbons (The Jays underachieved. The Indians overachieved. Terry Francona gets it done).
NL Homer King: Bryce Harper (Chris Carter and Nolan Arenado. How about that? Harper only had 24).
AL Homer King: Miguel Sano (Mark Trumbo won it easy. Should have known. Sano had 25, and was dwarfed on his own team by Brian Dozier).

Enjoy the postseason!

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