Thursday, June 10, 2010

49 is 2 less than half of 102

If you don't get what that title means, I'll tell you in plain English. Congratulations to the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions: the Chicago Blackhawks.

3 years ago no home games were shown on local TV, the Hawks had only 3400 season ticket holders, and the average attendance was 12,727, which was only 62.1% of the capacity at United Center. Only the Blues had fewer fans show up per game. Now, they have erased 49 years of frustration, pain, and "Dollar" Bill Wirtz. Hockey is now once again relevant in Chicago. If only those Cubbies could win a title, that may take another 49 years of frustration for Chicago. They're waiting Jay Cutler. Anyway, a big congrats to Jonathan Toews, who won the best forward award in the 2010 Olympic tourney, a gold medal in the same tourney, the Conn Smythe Trophy, and now a Stanley Cup, all in less than 4 months. And he's 22 years old! Also, I feel so happy for Marian Hossa, who made it to the Cup Finals in the last 2 years on the losing team, and now 3rd time's the charm for him.

The Hawks are going to have trouble keeping this team together due to the salary cap, but for whom they keep, they could be on their way to more titles. Oh, and thank new Panthers GM Dale Tallon for building the squad. Have fun parading down Michigan Avenue, Hawks, what a great ending to a great Stanley Cup Finals.

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