Friday, July 16, 2010

The NFL Ticket Sales Problem

Now, this is a much more widespread problem than many want to believe. For bigger teams, this is a non-issue. But even the Jets had trouble selling PSL´s in their new digs. Now, you may be thinking this is a rant on the Jags ticket selling issues. It is, a bit, so if you don´t want to read that part, skip over this next paragraph. This is a wake-up call to all who don´t know this exists, and it´s way more than just Jacksonville.

The Jaguars ticket selling issues are now national news. Last year´s 9 out of 10 game blackouts, plus desperate promotions have fueled up rumors that the Jags are hitting the U-Haul´s to LA. This annoys me. Not that the Jags can´t sell tickets, that is another issue, but how much press it´s getting. People love to write hate for the team because of the teal in the stands, not on the field. And that is weird, because despite the fact that the Jags only sold out 1 game last year, 2 other teams had worse average attendance. Granted, the Lions and Raiders were both bad, but this issue is looked upon like it´s only the Jaguars who have had problems. But it truly isn´t. Many more teams have had this issue last year, and this year. Let me explain.

San Diego is another prime example. AFC West champs, but barely averting blackout deadlines every week. They´re a great team, and yet they have had trouble selling out their stadium for the past 2 years. Cincinnati had trouble selling out games last year as well, and they were AFC North Champs. And, the Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown says his team, and most others, are concerned about ticket sales. Buffalo another, who may have more than one blackout this year, and this doesn´t even mention the fact they play one game in Toronto every year. And the Tampa Bay Bucs, a bad team granted, according to a report, have more than 20,000 unsold tickets and are well on their way to blackouts. It´s not just the Jags, it´s a league wide issue. Add that on to a prospect of no games next autumn, and it becomes a big headache for the league.

I´m not going to mention anybody specifically whose made this issue more transparent than any other on the field story (you know who you are though), but they are right, to a point. It´s a big problem, but it isn´t just Jacksonville´s it´s a league wide problem. And you want a team in LA you say? They had 2 teams, and couldn´t keep either because of ticket sales and blackout problems. Forget the stadiums. Before the league even thinks about moving a team, fix the ticket sale issue. Many fans are worried about a lockout next year, so try to fix it, and it may put fans in the stands. Lower prices, that would definitely help in this economy. But, to fix it, you must stop saying that the only problem is in Jacksonville, and it´s not. They have about 5700 tickets left to sell, and you may think that is a lot, but compared to 15000, it´s cat scratch.

This is a problem every one should know about, and that is the first way to fix it. Lower ticket prices, and the chain will begin. But remember, it´s not only Jacksonville´s problem, it´s everyone´s, and that can´t be stated enough.

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