Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Has the End Finally Come for Brett Favre?

We've watched him retire and un-retire twice before, so what makes me believe that this time he's real about it? Dorsey Levens and Keyshawn Johnson said on ESPN today that they won't believe that he's retired until the Thursday night opener against the World Champs in New Orleans and he's not taking the first snap for the Vikings. I agree completely. Brad Childress and the Vikings big bosses haven't been informed of this from Favre himself, and I haven't seen an overblown press conference yet, so why should I believe text messages to teammates that may have not happened?

Players on the Vikings haven't heard this news from Favre himself yet, so again, I can't believe this. Yes, he may haven't fully recovered from ankle surgery, but he's changed his mind as much as MJ, or Evander Holyfield with retiring and un-retiring. I can't trust these reports yet, and with everyone in the NFL was caught off guard, and viewed with skepticism this announcement, I don't think any Viking fan will take this seriously yet, with the fact that his first preseason game was in week 3, and he barely went to training camp in Mankato.

How different will this NFL season be without Favre starting for the Vikings? Different, and the complexion of the league could have been different if this is true, and was announced in April, let's say. Donovan McNabb could be a Viking, or even, here's a shocker, Ben Roethlisberger. All hypothetical situations, but would've happened if this was announced in March, or April. The league would be very different if these things had happened, and if this was true. I know people in Vikings circles believe Tarvaris Jackson is ready to be a great QB for the Vikings, and he could take them very far, but I doubt that any Viking fan would take him over Favre starting in week 1 (no offense to Jackson, who I think has great potential).

Everyone, including me, thinks this situation is still fluid, even with Brett Favre saying that he doesn't feel good.  
Retirement may be the option today, but two weeks, or a month from now, he may feel fine and ready to play. The reports may be completely valid, but don't count out him starting for the Vikings 5 weeks from now.  We didn't for MJ and Evander, why should we for Favre? I won't, and neither should you yet, unless you take everything for face value.

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  1. What do you think about Brett becoming a mid-season replacement? Something like Pedro Martinez joining the Phillies in 2009. You know there is going to be a contending NFL team that loses their QB where Favre would be a good short-term option.