Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shanahan v. Haynesworth

It's a story that has been going on since voluntary mini-camps, when Albert Haynesworth didn't attend. Then, he didn't attendmandatory OTA's, because he didn't fit in with the new Redskins scheme. Then, he failed a conditioning test that even Mike Golic could finish. Then, he complained some more, and now he's truly ticked off his coach. My question is, why?

Albert, why make such a stink about playing with the 2nd team defense against Baltimore, and not liking the scheme? You have the most guaranteed money in the history of the NFL, and yet you still aren't happy. He hasn't put his money where his mouth is obviously. But, I can understand why he would do this. He's been used to being the center of the team, being able to do what he pleases, dictate where he plays, and there hasn't been a fuss about it. Then Mike Shanahan came. And, he wants it his way, or the beltway. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post wrote in a column on August 23rd that, "He's the worst cliche of a head case -- he demands respect instead of earns it, and lately he has cast himself as that most pitiable of things, a perpetual victim." He's crashed his own career with the Redskins, and it's all his fault.

He's been a diva since his great 2008 season with the Titans. And after that, people forgot that he stomped on Andre Gurode's face against Dallas in 2006. Those things don't go away, just put in every ones subconscious. Most of that attitude came out with the saga this summer. And by the time Albert was tired enough of playing with the 2nd team to admit he has Rhabdomyolysis, which is the breaking down of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents into the bloodstream, and causes serious fatigue. Now I'm not mad that he's admitted that he may have this, but if his head coach thought he had headaches, there is a serious divide between the two. Albert, I must say, even with the craziest and longest of holdouts, including Darelle Revis', you have overtaken it, and you have been playing. Whatever your motives are for this, it needs to stop. If you truly have this disease, then you need to focus on healing, not complaining about playing into the 3rd quarter. Mike Shanahan said you have to earn you're way onto the 1st team D, and he's right. Shut up and play. And now, I will quote Coach Shanahan to end this, "To keep on talking about things outside of football to me is completely ridiculous..." He's so right. Albert, just play to earn your respect back, if you're not already being shipped out.

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