Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My All Important Tribute to Vic Ketchman

Many of you may not know who he is, unless you are a Jaguars fan, or check everyday. Vic Ketchman was the head writer for, but now he is moving to the Green Bay Packers. I just wanted to write something in tribute to his tenure with the Jaguars, and what he meant to the fans.

His columns were amazing, as he brought in NFL history to his modern-day NFL writings. He wrote stuff that almost nobody else dared to do. He had his "10 Things" every week for the Jaguars in order to beat the upcoming opponent. His all important Power Rankings were sometimes the most accurate power rankings in all of the internet. He had an in-game blog where he talked about the game as it happened, which were amazing to see his thoughts as the game progressed. But most amazing of all, was his "Ask Vic" column, where he answered fans questions with his own personal twist. Those were funny, and insightful at the same time. They were some of the best written columns anywhere on the NFL, and they will always be a part of Jaguars lore.

I have one moment that I remember which shows what influence Vic had on Jaguars fans, and later the NFL. During the 2007 Playoffs, in the week leading up to Jaguars vs. Patriots, Vic was mentioned in the national media for his power rankings, which had an asterisk beside the Patriots logo, for cheating. National media was all over the site, and any time I saw the asterisk afterword, I laughed. He even included the Florida Gators in his power rankings during the 2008 season, and even though it was a joke, it showed his connection to the fans of Jacksonville.

I know Green Bay may be a better football market than Jacksonville, but fans will still be sad for this loss. No matter what free agents the Jaguars lose during the upcoming offseason, the toughest will be Vic. As an aspiring writer, I can only hope to be as good of a writer as Vic is. I hope he brings his columns and other items to Green Bay with him, so those fans can know what Jaguars fans loved and still love about him.

Enjoy Green Bay, Vic. All Jaguars fans will miss you.

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  1. i liked Vic, he was a true pro, and, along with Vito Stellino of the Times Union, brought knowledge and National understanding to the city.

    Many Jags fans I've met over the years don't get the NFL, and how hard it is to win.

    Vic understood, and he wasn't afraid to tell people they were wrong.

    Good luck Vic, the Packers are getting a good man.