Monday, March 14, 2011

The Madness of Gus Johnson

I love Gus Johnson. I mean, who possibly can't? His emotion is unparalleled by anyone in sports, and in a stark contrast to blasé guys like Jim Nantz, or Joe Buck. And what better place to listen to his emotion that sometimes is too over-the-top than in March Madness, where emotion reigns supreme. So, this is the top 5 Gus Johnson moments from college basketball, ever. And that is pure.

5. How about a buzzer beater for you? Doesn't matter if the game is bad, Gus wants to make it exciting for you.

4. "The Slipper still fits!" That's all you need to know.

3. I know the script is flipped for this year, but Illinois was close to going undefeated. Only Gus can do that.

2. What about a 1 seed surviving an upset?

1. Maybe the best game in recent March Madness history, and we were lucky to have Gus call it. "Heartbreak City"!

Gus Johnson is calling games in Cleveland this year for the regionals. You know what to do by now.

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