Monday, August 27, 2012

Did You See That: Restrictions for Athletes With Character Issues

The guidelines placed on Cowboys WR Dez Bryant have been seen by many, and criticized by almost as many for their strict nature. Even if it is all in good taste in order to help him grow as a man and football player, it's almost too strict, right? Many other players have been in this position as well. Here are some guidelines that other players have received when they ran afoul of the laws of the game, or the land.

Melky Cabrera: He is no longer allowed to use sites such as Blogger or Wordpress, and is also not allowed to take any computer science classes if he decides his baseball career has gone down the toilet.

Justin Blackmon: He received alcohol restrictions, but strangely enough, not after games because he might need a drink after working with the other Jaguars receivers.

Chad Johnson: No longer allowed to use twitter in general, especially to meet women, but he still is allowed to use online dating services, oddly enough.

Delonte West: He's the entire reason Michael Bloomberg was just screaming about gun control laws. He's not allowed now within 1,000 yards of a military base because of it.

Marty McSorley: No longer allowed anywhere near Donald Brashear, and was enrolled in serious anger management courses for learning how not to instigate a fight.

Todd Bertuzzi: Not allowed to be on the same team as Aaron Rome (no problems there), and was encouraged to stay as far away from Dan Marouelli as possible.

Miguel Cabrera: The Tigers thought being on a good team would help him with his alcohol issues, but since they haven't, he's been given an alcohol ban, which has been incredibly useful during the 2012 season.

Zinedine Zidane: He's been left off of Real Madrid alumni teams if he has to play an Italian on the other side, and do not put him anywhere near the World Cup Trophy, or Marco Materazzi.

You didn't know these until now, and you're probably thankful you didn't.

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