Tuesday, October 30, 2012

They Might be Giants... Twice over.

Yes, I did predict them to make the World Series before the season started (you can check that one out for verification). Yes, I also predicted that they would win the World Series before the postseason started. My apologies to Giants fans went unfounded, actually. But even the man who put so much faith in them this season, was surprised to see how good the San Francisco Giants really were. They were 6-0 in elimination games, 4 of them on the road. Their bullpen, which was supposed to be sketchy, was dominant. No Brian Wilson, no problem. About that whole Melky Cabrera thing? Yeah, no problem. The Giants just role with the punches, and they rolled with it, all the way to lifting the Comissioner's Trophy.

"Giants Baseball: Torture!" was the slogan for the Giants in 2010 when they won the World Series. I'm not sure how many times Duane Kuiper used that slogan on the way to the World Series this year, but it certainly was present, especially when Brian Wilson went down in April. Big trades were made to get Hunter Pence, Marco Scutaro, amongst others, and the Giants went from being a fringe playoff team, to a runaway NL West champ, while the Dodgers spent money like the U.S government. That's how it's done.

How the Reds and Cardinals choked, I won't ever figure it out, especially the Cardinals, who made coming back an art form. The Tigers might have well not shown up for the World Series. That left the Giants, who went about winning with a calm and collectiveness, aside from Pablo Sandoval's 3 homer game in WS Game 1.

Congrats to the Giants on their second World Series in 3 years. Not many thought it could happen (except me), but now that it has happened again, the people of San Francisco can celebrate a champion again, like they well deserve.

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