Monday, February 4, 2013

Did You See That: What Caused the Lights to go Out

If you were watching the Super Bowl last night (and if you weren't, you have a stronger stomach than most), you noticed a hilarious power outage during the middle of a San Francisco drive during the 3rd quarter. There have been many theories coming out as to why power went out in half of the stadium, but know one right now knows the real answer. But that doesn't mean we can't postulate here. The Matt's Sports Musings spies have been hard at work to find out why the power went out, and here are a few theories they have:

1. In supremely bad taste, some of the electricians that had to stay in the Superdome during Katrina wanted to let the rest of the country know what its like to be trapped in that dome in the dark.

2. It seems the football gods hate Phil Simms just as much as normal football fans do, which is why they cut off his mic in mid-sentence.

3. Beyonce's performance was so amazing, why continue with the game considering it was 28-6 at the time?

4. The NFL wanted to channel the NHL in something that isn't related to lockouts, so they directly ripped off the problems from Game 4 of the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals at the Boston Garden.

5. Bane just has a really sick sense of humor.

6. Chris Culliver wanted to get away with touching other men in the dark so no would notice, since he clearly didn't do much of that during the game.

7. Despite not paying for an ad, Buffalo Wild Wings had to have the best Super Bowl ad anyway.

8. Searching for Manti Te'o's girlfriend in the dark is far easier than searching for her in the light.

9. The electricians must be Fulham fans, but even they got the lights back on quickly.

10. Why not go find out the real electrical reason as to why the lights went out instead of recycling jokes you saw last night on Twitter. (Editor's Note: The Spies might not be getting paid this week)

It might not be quality journalism, but at least we're trying.

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