Sunday, May 19, 2013

2012-13 Premier League Review

That was a fun, and turns out influential Premier League season. So many notable retirements from Ferguson to Carragher to Owen, a title that was clinched very early, and the perennial drop avoiders finally did drop to the Championship. So how did I do with my predictions? Let's see:

-- I did predict City to overtake United to win the title. Whoops.

-- I got Arsenal's point title exact, and missed by one for Chelsea (73 and 76 were my predictions), and got their places exactly right. I also predicted for Spurs to finish 5th because of a lack of strikers. I must be a Spurs supporter (I am by the way).

-- I flipped Liverpool and Everton's places as well. Not like that matters.

-- I did severely overate clubs like Newcastle (8th to 16th), Stoke (9th to 13th), QPR (11th to 20th). I underrated clubs like Swansea (16th to 9th), Norwich (17th to 11th), and worst of the lot West Brom (19th to 8th). I said teams 9 to 20 were all so close together, and I was right, they were.

-- My 3 relegated teams at the beginning of the year were Reading, West Brom, and Wigan. I hit on 2, so that's not too bad. Most people did have trouble figuring out who would drop this season.

So overall, I didn't do too bad for my first season of really paying attention to the Premier League. I should do better next year, but there will be far more uncertainty.

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