Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 MLB Season Predictions in Review

Since I'll fully admit that I'm nothing special, especially when it comes to predictions, it's time for that piece every year where I review my preseason predictions to see how wrong (or right) I was. My MLB predictions have had a decent hit rate over the past few years (I'm also not above stroking my ego when I'm right), so let's see how 2014 fared.

My predicted pre-season division winners were: The Red Sox, Tigers, A's, Nationals, Cardinals and Dodgers. 4 of 6! How about that. The Wild Card Winners in the AL were the Rays and Yankees, and in the NL the Giants and Pirates. I really know my way around the NL, but can never seem to get the AL East right. You win some you lose some. My pre-season World Series predictions was the Cardinals over the Tigers, and while that's still possible and plausible, I don't think it's going to happen. But then again, I didn't think the Tigers would play the Giants in 2012 and they did. Maybe I'm not so bad at this after all.

Time for some award reviews, first the AL: MVP was Mike Trout (no-brainer then and now), Cy Young was David Price (probably not, and plus there has ever been a Cy Young winner traded in-season), Rookie was Masahiro Tanaka (his UCL might be MVP, but Jose Abreu has this locked up), manager was Ned Yost (duh), and HR King was Miguel Cabrera (Jose Abreu again).

NL: MVP was Yadier Molina (3 way race, could even be Clayton Kershaw), Cy Young was Clayton Kershaw (super no-brainer), rookie was Travis D'Arnaud (another Met looks likely to get it in Jake DeGrom), manager was Matt Williams (I'd bet on it), and finally the HR King was Giancarlo Stanton (he did just that, even with a busted face).

Overall, I actually did pretty well with my preseason predictions this year, which is a bit of surprise to my skeptical mind. Now, onto failing with postseason predictions.

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