Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Week 15 Fantasy Advice

If you're still alive in your fantasy league after last week, congratulations! If not, do not fear. Your fantasy team was likely was more functional than the Washington NFL organization, so it could always be worse. Or, you could be like me, since I have a bad fantasy team and my real one is also a tire fire. No wonder this column rakes in the readers... only 7 for last week's edition. Not much longer now...

Who to Start:

QB Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. JAX: It's fine if you are never sold on him away from home, as most folks are, but at home he is a much surer bet. The Jaguars defense is also far better at home than they are away, so this portends a good combination for the Ravens and Flacco, even if Torrey Smith is out injured.

RB Justin Forsett (BAL) vs. JAX: Normally I don't recommend two players from the same team in the "Start" or "Sit" column weekly, but I have to make a special exception here. Remember what I said about Rashad Jennings 2 weeks ago? Same thing applies here.

WR T.Y Hilton (IND) vs. HOU: Not only does he have awesome career numbers against the Texans, he seems like he's good value for at least one TD every week. Houston's secondary has already been torched once by Indianapolis this season, and there's no reason to think that won't happen again.

WR Odell Beckham (NYG) vs. WSH: Washington is a tire fire, and despite the fact that the Giants aren't much better, Beckham is still playing pretty well despite the fact that the Giants are out of the playoff mix. He'll still have a massive game on Sunday against whatever's left of Washington's secondary.

TE Greg Olsen (CAR) vs. TB: He's still statistically the best TE in fantasy football this season, and even without Cam Newton throwing him the ball he's a good start for Sunday. He usually does well against the Bucs and Derek Anderson is going to need a safety blanket.

DEF Seattle vs. SF: You were probably starting them anyway, but boy does this matchup look even tastier after the egg the 49ers laid against the Raiders last Sunday. Seattle has allowed 20 points in 3 games, and I doubt they'll allow any more than that on Sunday.

Who to Sit:

QB Ryan Tannehill (MIA) vs. NE: Tannehill is usually a different QB on the road than he is at home. It also doesn't help that he has not fared well in his 2 starts in Foxborough, with 2 TD's and 3 INT's on his CV. He's been playing well this season, but he's one I'd avoid.

RB Ryan Mathews (SD) vs. DEN: Not only do the Chargers struggle at running the ball, but their opponents this week have been very impressive at stopping the run all season. Mathews is also a bit dinged up after last week, so this could be a dicey matchup.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC) vs. OAK: Can you believe that it's been over a year since a KC WR has scored a TD (That's a lot of 2 letter abbreviations in one sentence)? You really shouldn't be surprised because of the Andy Reid factor, but even with that said the matchup is unfavorable against Oakland (I know, scary right?)

WR Michael Crabtree (SF) vs. SEA: Not only has he been a fantasy failure this season, he's also done quite poorly in his past couple of games against Seattle. Steer clear of this one if you can.

TE Jordan Cameron (CLE) vs. CIN: He's only had 1 very good game this season, against Pittsburgh back in Week 6, and he's also coming off a concussion last week. The Bengals defense has been hit with some injuries, but the matchup is still dicey.

DEF Buffalo vs. GB: Even as they held their own in Denver last week, Aaron Rodgers is absolutely on fire so starting this unit is a bit of a risky play.

3 Super Sleepers:

QB Eli Manning (NYG) vs. WSH: Even though he's good for something dumb in every game, Washington is another level of absolute terribleness. He's still not a bad start this week.

RB Chris Johnson (NYJ) vs. TEN: The playing against your former team factor has come into play in fantasy land this week, amazingly. Johnson can still run a bit, and you know he'll be amped up to play his former Titans teammates.

WR Martavis Bryant (PIT) vs. ATL: The Falcons secondary is pretty bad, so Bryant could not only get some good targets, he could also have a big yardage day as well.

Buyer Beware:

QB Johnny Football (CLE) vs. CIN: It's going to be his first start on Sunday in the Battle of Ohio, and even though he's shown some good signs in his limited playing time, and the Bengals defense has also been hit by some major injuries, but I'd still steer clear because of the unknown factor, and it's fantasy playoff time too.

Good Luck in Week 15!

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