Friday, January 2, 2015

2014-15 NFL Playoff Predictions

Seeing how my preseason predictions were, you must think that my playoff predictions are going to be equally as bad. Let's be finding out shall we?


Wild Card Round: 3) PIT over 6) BAL
                               4) IND over 5) CIN

Divisional Round: 1) NE over 4) IND
                               3) PIT over 2) DEN

AFC Championship Game: 1) NE over 3) PIT


Wild Card Round: 3) DAL over 6) DET
                               4) CAR over 5) ARZ

Divisional Round: 1) SEA over 5) CAR (Closer than the experts think though)
                               3) DAL over 2) GB

NFC Championship Game: 1) SEA over 3) DAL

Super Bowl XLIX: New England over Seattle

Sorry to the Patriots and Seahawks in advance, your check is in the mail,

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