Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 NFL Season Predictions in Review

Happy 2015! It seems fitting that the first piece of the new year is the ritual de-pantsing I give myself when I look back at my preseason NFL season predictions. Usually this is pretty embarrassing for me and this year is probably going to be no different. Let's dive into the carnage...

Division Winners I got right: New England, Indianapolis, Denver, Green Bay. 4 out of 8 is unusually bad.

Teams I massively overrated: New Orleans (12-4 finished 7-9, had them in the Super Bowl (!!!!!!!)), San Francisco (12-4 finished 8-8), Chicago (10-6 finished 5-11), New York Jets (9-7 finished 4-12), Atlanta (9-7 finished 6-10).

Teams I massively underrated: Buffalo (5-11 finished 9-7), Pittsburgh (8-8 finished 11-5), Houston (5-11 finished 9-7), Dallas (6-10 finished 12-4).

Playoff teams I got right: NE, IND, BAL, CIN, DEN, GB, SEA. 5 in the AFC and 2 in the NFC. Proves how predictable the AFC was and how unpredictable and even the NFC turned out to be.

Awards Predictions:

MVP: Andrews Luck (Yeah this isn't going to happen at all)
DPOY: Clay Matthews (Hello Mr. Watt, the NFL on line 1)
OROY: Brandin Cooks (Odell Beckham would like a word)
DROY: Ryan Shazier (Wasn't bad but there will be other, better choices)
Coach: Chuck Pagano (Doubtful since his team won the AFC South quite comfortably and it's still bad)

So my 2014 preseason predictions were pretty woeful. Oddly enough I still have one Super Bowl Team still alive in the New England Patriots.  Maybe next year I'll do better. But I doubt it.

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