Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LCS Previews

Well, my ALDS and World Series picks failed miserably. So now, I must remedy this situation by doing a much better prognosticating job.

ALCS: NYY over TEX in 6 games.

The New York Yankees shocked me a bit in the way they beat up on Minnesota. Maybe it was the Twins psychological feelings that they couldn't beat the Yankees in the playoffs, or their overall losing streak, I don't know, but whatever it was, the Yankees took advantage of it. They came back in both games in Minneapolis, and soundly beat the Twins in the Bronx. Their starting pitching, a major question mark coming into the series, was great. Andy Pettitte continues his playoff dominance, despite his injuries, and the Yanks look like a team that can win the World Series again. Texas on the other hand, really shocked me. Cliff Lee continues his playoff dominance, and C.J Wilson provided good pitching for the Rangers in game 2. They won on the road, which they don't have to do in this series, but will bode well for the World Series. However, Cliff Lee won't pitch until game 3 in New York, so the Yankees have a chance to jump out in the series early. Both teams have good offenses, but what tips the scales for me is the Yankee bullpen, which has way fewer question marks. Neftali Feliz blew both games in Texas, and Mariano Riviera continues to be his normal, dominant self. That is what tips the scales for me. The Rangers didn't fare well at home, and they have 4 games in Arlington. The Yankees look so good right now, so it is impossible for me to pick against them.

NLCS: PHI over SF in 6 games.

I did already talk about this series before, but I will enlighten you a bit more on why I believe the Phillies will win. Both teams have amazing pitching, and both are amazingly consistent. But, the Phillies have a much better offense. The Giants O didn't really show up against the Braves, but their pitching was enough to send them to their first NLCS since 2002. I don't think the Giants can win if their offense was like that.  The Phillies have shown some vulnerability, mainly Roy Oswalt, but I think the Giants can exploit some of those weaknesses if their offense shows up. This series is really about whose offense is better, and the Phillies O is much better right now. The Giants have the pitching to make this a series, but the Phillies offense is just too good for the Giants to overcome.

Here's hoping that these picks do better, and FOX likes them!

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