Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My World Series Prediction

After my fails at predicting the other 2 rounds, I will try to do much better for this World Series.

San Francisco vs. Texas:

Hitting: Advantage Texas:

It has been proven that Texas has a very potent offense, and the Giants have more of a situational offense. Who would have expected Cody Ross to be the NLCS MVP for pete's sake? Even though San Francisco did a good job pitching to the Phillies offense, which is arguably better than the Rangers', I still believe that the Rangers will find a way to hit the Giants starters at least. The Rangers O gets at you early, and often, so minimizing damage early in the game will be huge for the Giants. With the Rangers batting being much better, and having grounded threats, like Josh Hamilton or Elvis Andrus, the Giants hitting will have to keep up. They only have Buster Posey, and someone we don't know yet will step up, while the Rangers entire line-up is threatening. The Rangers hitting is much better.

Starting Rotation: Advantage Texas:

You may be shocked that I picked them, but the Rangers had to pitch well to beat the Yankees, and they did that. C.J Wilson is a better pitcher right now than Matt Cain, Colby Lewis is better than the inconsistent Jonathan Sanchez, and Cliff Lee in all of his playoff dominance is better than Tim Lincecum (yeah, I said it). Even Tommy Hunter is pitching better right now than Madison Bumgarner. I think this series will ultimately come down to starting pitching, and while the Giants had the best starting rotation during the regular season, it only matters who is pitching better now, and right now the Rangers starters are absolutely dominant.

Bullpen: Advantage San Francisco:

It's a well known fact by now that the Rangers bullpen is very weak, and that is a major hindrance to the team if they are in close games. They haven't been in many close games because their starters and offense are clicking early, giving their bullpen a large enough cushion (except in ALCS Game 1). The Giants bullpen has been lock down in the playoffs. Brian Wilson is one of the best closers in the game today, and if he has a lead, he likely will not blow it, although he will make it very interesting. The Giants set up guys are also very dominant, and the Rangers set up guys are not very good. If the Giants have a lead, their bullpen will very likely keep it in tact.

Prediction: Texas in 6 Games.

The Rangers hitting and starters are better than the Giants hitting and starters, and that is the main reason why I think Texas will win this series. If the Giants offense produces enough, then they can win this series, but when the most runs you've scored in a game is 5 in these playoffs, that won't help them enough. I believe the Rangers after 49 years of agony; will be holding up the commissioner's trophy.

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