Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My 2010 MLB Playoff Predictions

TB over TEX in 4 games. Rays have too much offense for the Rangers and despite the 1-2 punch that the Rangers have with Cliff Lee and C.J Wilson, the Rangers overall don't have much playoff experience. The Rays do. They should have little trouble winning this series.

MIN over NYY in 5 games. I think the Yankees decision to go with only 3 starters will bite them early and often. They will be worn out if they do make it far, but I don't think they'll get there. Despite the fact the Yankees own the Twins in the playoffs Minnesota has a great home field advantage, and a less shaky starting rotation. Yanks have enough to make it close, but Twins win.

PHI over CIN in 3 games. The Phillies are too good to lose here. They went 5-2 against the Reds in the regular season and no Reds player has substantial playoff experience. The Phillies do, being there 4 years in a row. Too much pitching by the Phillies will doom the Reds.

SF over ATL in 4 games. We can say that Atlanta backed into the postseason, and they have not looked good in September and October. But, the Giants have looked great. Their pitching has been awesome, and with that, their offense doesn't have to do too much to lead them to victory.

TB over MIN in 6 games. Here, Minnesota doesn't have the home field, and that will hurt them here. The Rays pitching is much better than the Twins pitching, and despite the fact that Minnesota does have a good offense, they won't cope well with the Rays great pitching. From top to bottom, I think Tampa is just a better team overall.

PHI over SF in 6 games. The Giants pitching will keep them in this series but the fact that the Phillies have the much better, and much more productive offense will give them more games than the Giants pitching will get them. If San Francisco can get some production from guys like Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, and Aubrey Huff in every game, they can beat the Phillies. But, I don't think that the offense will be there every game. The Giants will pose the biggest threat to the Phillies in the NL, but not big enough to take the pennant away.

2010 World Series:
TB over PHI in 7 games: Rematch of 2008 goes the other way here. The Rays are better than they were in 2008, and now they have the experience to boot. The Phillies have the home field, but as we saw in '08, that didn't matter. The Rays have enough starting pitching and offense to keep them in games, and their middle relief is much better. By this point, teams will know how to beat up on the Phillies great starting pitching, and the Rays sure have the speed, and power to do so. This will be an extremely entertaining series, but when it comes down to game 7 in Philly, I really do think that the Rays are the better team. They will win the 2010 World Series.

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