Friday, September 28, 2012

Did You See That: Other Replacement Ref Calls

Now that the replacement refs are gone for good, I felt that I should give them a farewell present, in only a way that I can. I did some digging this past week, and was able to uncover some other calls the replacement refs have made that changed the outcomes of games, seasons, and the histories of certain clubs. These are freshly revealed, so while you let the shock wear off, here are some of those famous calls.

1972: The Immaculate Reception
Actual Call: Franco Harris catch off the deflection, taken for a Steelers touchdown.
Replacements Call: The line judge has his back turned to the play, but he heard something hit the turf, so he called the pass incomplete even though he couldn't see it.

1972: USA vs. USSR Gold Medal Mens Basketball Game
Actual Call: Soviets 51 USA 50. Need we say more?
Replacements Call: Edeshko of course had his foot on the line, because he's a dirty communist. And that timeout should have been given to the Soviets. Our mistake for giving the Seahawks an extra one in response.

1985: Cardinals vs. Royals World Series
Actual Call: Don Denkinger calls the Royals' Jorge Ortega safe at first in the 9th inning of Game 6.
Replacements Call: Since the ump at first base was a lifelong Cardinals fan (MLB not knowing this), he called Ortega out, which turned out actually to be the right call. Shocker. Cards win the World Series.

1986: Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" Goal
Actual Call: Maradona scores a goal against England in the quarters by punching the ball into the net.
Replacements Call: Even the scab ref knows you can't touch the ball with your hand, and he has an in with the Daily Telegraph, too. Goal waved off.

1990: "Fifth Down" between Colorado and Missouri
Actual Call: Officials forget to turn over the down marker from 2nd to 3rd down, giving the Buffs an extra play. They score a TD on "4th" down, but what was actually the 5th play.
Replacements Call: The same thing, because it turned out that the dial-a-down operator was a replacement too, and he only used to spin the phone dial at the office at his real job.

1999: Brett Hull's Skate in the Crease
Actual Call: Brett Hull scores the Stanley Cup winning goal in 3OT in Game 6, despite his skate being in the crease, which was a heavily enforced NHL rule that season.
Replacements Call: Called a goal as well, because Gary Bettman hired replacements straight from the 1992 refs lockout, who couldn't skate, so they had to watch the goal from the bench. (Not Mr. Bettman's worst call, by the way).

2002: The Tuck Rule
Actual Call: Do I really have to explain this one?
Replacements Call: Also ruled incomplete here, because the replacement could only see the start and end of the play, because he was wiping snow out of his eyes. Review was inconclusive.

2010: Armando Gallaraga's Not-So Perfect Game
Actual Call: Ask Jim Joyce.
Replacements Call: Both hit the bag simultaneously. Tie goes to the runner. Simple as that.

2010: England robbed against Germany in the World Cup
Actual Call: Frank Lampard not awarded a goal despite the ball bouncing over the line. Game was 2-1, should have been 2-2.
Replacements Call: A goal, because no one on earth is that blind to say that they didn't see the ball fully cross the line. (Although one Platini claims differently).

Hope this sheds some light on the background for Monday Nights egregious call that got the replacements the boot. 

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