Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 NFL Season Predictions in Review

Usually at the end of the regular season for certain leagues, I look back on my preseason predictions to see how smart I was, or more often, how dumb I was. It's time again for the NFL picks in review, and I doubt my MLB momentum carried over.

What I got Right: I got 6 of 8 division winners right, with the only 2 that were wrong being the Giants and Steelers (we'll get to them in a minute). In the AFC, I got 4 of 6 playoff teams right, missing on both the Steelers and Chargers. I was a bit less successful in the NFC, with 3 of 6 right, missing on the Giants, Eagles, and Bears. In terms of getting teams final records exactly right, I did that with 3 teams. I got the Jets, Panthers, and Cowboys records exactly right. That's the extent of the good...

What I Screwed up On: I grossly overrated the Bills, Jaguars, Lions and Eagles. Not all of those are surprising, mind you, but I had to overrate a few teams, and those were the big ones. I underrated the Redskins, Rams, Vikings, Colts big time as well, but I think everyone else did that too.

Awards: My Coach of the Year pick was Lovie Smith. Welp. My MVP pick was Tom Brady, and while he's always a candidate, either Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson will win that. Andrew Luck was my offensive ROY pick, and he could win it, depending on how people rate RG3 and Russell Wilson. Luke Kuechly was my defensive ROY pick, and he was silently consistent this year for the Panthers, and I can't see anyone else that deserves this more than him. Janoris Jenkins was good for the Rams this year, but was not such an integral of a defensive like Kuechly was. Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Willis were my Offensive and Defensive POY picks respectively, and while they are always going to be candidates for those awards year in and year out, I don't think those guys will win those awards this time around.

In Summary: My Super Bowl pick has already one team out in the Steelers, so that gives you an indication of my struggles in picks this year. The 49ers can salvage some pride for me, but I don't think they're heading to New Orleans this year. I'll guess I'll have to take my MLB pick record, and enjoy that until the NHL possibly starts again.

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