Saturday, December 8, 2012

Did You See That: How to Stay Occupied During the Heisman Ceremony

The Heisman trophy is one of the most coveted and beloved awards in all of sports. The pose is iconic, just as the legacy of the winners is. The ceremony... not so much. Everyone knows not to tune into the ceremony until the last 5 minutes, because the winner is only announced in the last 5 minutes. But if you're a member of the audience, how do you stay occupied before, during, and after the 1 hour of gushing over the finalists, and listening to Joe Tessitore try to sound like John King? Here are a few suggestions.

1.) Live Tweet the Ceremony from the Theater Floor: Just make sure that you do that when the cameras are not facing you. That would be pretty awkward.

2.) Play Heisman Buzzword Bingo: We've all seen this before, so why not add the Heisman Ceremony to the mix? The mentioning of Archie Griffin is a free space, by the way.

3.) See how many former Heisman Winners You Can Name: Sure, it's easy to name guys like Bradford, Griffin, Leinart, etc. But try remembering Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, and Rashaan Salaam off the top of your head (those first two were not a slight against Nebraska, by the way).

4.) Play the Heisman Ceremony Drinking Game: On second thought, better leave that one to the college football bloggers on twitter.

5.) Chat up the media covering the event: They can't even cover the ceremony from the inside, and have to watch it on TV, so they're likely to be just as bored as you are, and will be happy to talk to someone about something other than the vote.

6.) Photobomb: Seems childish and stupid, but wouldn't you love to tell your buddies back home you did that? You'd also be written about on Deadspin, although that might not be such a good thing.

7.) Gloat to your friends: This also seems childish, but you're in the audience during the Heisman Ceremony and they aren't. As an aside, isn't gloating fun? Texting is the easy way to do this, but be low key about it.

8.) Remind yourself that at some point, you'd be sick about being gushed over 24/7: The Heisman finalists are thankful for getting proverbial media lap dances for the week leading up to the vote on the surface, but at a point, they have to get sick of it... right?

9.) Remind yourself you are probably more successful than some Heisman Winners: Chris Weinke, Jason White, Danny Wuerffel, etc. were all pretty big NFL flops, so at least you're not a flop like them.

Try these things out if you are lucky enough to be invited to sit in on the ceremony next year... Actually, it's more fun to watch it at home since you don't have to suffer through the first 55 minutes.

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